Meeting of G7 Gender Equality Ministers

On October 14, at the invitation of German minister for gender equality Lisa Paus, the ministers for gender equality of the G7 Countries Masanobu Ogura, Elena Bonetti, Hon. Marci Ien, Isabelle Rome, Katrina Fotovat and Deborah Stedman-Scott met in Berlin to discuss current issues and challenges facing gender equality policy.

GEAC chair Jutta Allmendinger and Beate von Miquel of Deutscher Frauenrat e.V. and Women7 sat at the table as well. We also got to present proposals from the GEAC working group on Investments and Ownership on how to strengthen women-led businesses and female leadership. The ministers of the G7 Countries are doing everything they can to make decisive progress on equality. As Lisa Paus put it in a subsequent statement to the press, “Equal treatment is a human right”.